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The 1.6 Documentation is no longer maintained and some information may be outdated.

The MyBB 1.6 series reached end of life on October 1, 2015.

This means there will be no more security or maintenance releases for these series and forums running these versions of MyBB may be at risk of unfixed security issues. All administrators are strongly encouraged to upgrade their forums to the latest release of MyBB as soon as possible.

Configuration: Smilies

The Smilies page allows management of all smilies on your forum. On the smilies listing page, you can see the smilie itself, the name for the smilie, and the text it replaces. From here you can also modify individual smilies. The page also provides access to the Add Smilie, Add Multiple Smilies, and Mass Edit pages.

Configuration: Add Smilie
The name to recognize the smilie by for the smilie being added. It also is the "alt" element for the image replaced in posts.
Text to Replace 
The text searched for in posts, and which will be replaced by the image that will be set.
Image Path 
The relative path (from the MyBB root) to the image to be set for this smilie. Images for smilies must be located in a relative position to the forum root.
Display Order 
The display order in the smilie list in relation to the other smilies on your forum.
Show on Clickable List? 
Will the smilie be shown to users (if displayed under the limit for smilies shown) on the clickable smilie list inside the post editor?
Configuration: Add Multiple Smilies
Configuration: Add Multiple Smilies (setting up the new smilies)

First, you will be shown a page asking for the URL to the directory to be searched for the smilies. This directory must be located in a relative position to the forum root.

You will then be taken to a page showing all smilies in that directory that are not already added to your forum. You are shown the following details:

  • Image
  • Image URL
  • Suggested Name
  • Suggested Text Replacement

From here, you can modify the following details:

If different than the suggested name, you can modify the name for each smilie found.
Text Replacement
If different than the suggested name, you can modify the text replacement for each smilie found.
You can also select which smilies you would like to add to your forum. All are selected by default, but you can choose to not add smilies by deselecting the checkbox next to the corresponding smilie.

After checking all details to ensure they are correct, you can select "Save Smilies" at the bottom of the page, submitting the form and adding the smilies to your forum.

Configuration: Mass Edit Smilies

Rather than editing each smilie one by one, you can edit all smilies at once by clicking on "Mass Edit" near the top of the page. You will then see a page showing all smilies on your forum, including for each:

The smilie itself
Name to recognize the smilie by, and the "alt" element for the image that replaces the text.
Text to Replace 
The text to be replaced in posts.
Display Order 
The smilie's order in all smilies on the forum in the smilie listing.
Show on Clickable? 
This allows you to quickly select which smilies you would link to show in the post editor, assuming they are not cut off by the display limit.
If you would like to delete any smilies, select "Delete" for these smilies, and they will be deleted when all smilies are saved.

When you have completed editing your smilies, submit the form at the bottom of the page by clicking "Save Smilies." If you made a change that you would like to undo, you can revert the form to the settings before opening mass edit by clicking "Reset" at the bottom of the page.

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