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The 1.6 Documentation is no longer maintained and some information may be outdated.

The MyBB 1.6 series reached end of life on October 1, 2015.

This means there will be no more security or maintenance releases for these series and forums running these versions of MyBB may be at risk of unfixed security issues. All administrators are strongly encouraged to upgrade their forums to the latest release of MyBB as soon as possible.

Admin Permissions allow you to restrict users from access to the Administrator Control Panel. There are three levels of permissions: User, Group, and Default.

The levels used are simple: User Permissions are set just for the user, and override any other levels of permissions that would apply to them. Group Permissions are set for all members of that group, and override the default permissions for administrators. Default Permissions are used if neither a user nor its group have permissions set.


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Each section under each tab can be restricted, excluding the Home tab (all administrators can access the Home tab). On the Edit Permissions page, the permissions are divided into their appropriate tab for easier navigation through all of the permissions. The following pages are included:

Users & Groups: Edit Admin Permissions, Configuration
  • Can Manage Settings?
  • Can Manage Banned Accounts?
  • Can Manage Custom Profile Fields?
  • Can Manage Smilies?
  • Can Manage Word Filters?
  • Can Manage Custom MyCode?
  • Can Manage Language Packs?
  • Can Manage Post Icons?
  • Can Manage Help Documents?
  • Can Manage Plugins?
  • Can Manage Attachment Types?
  • Can Manage Spiders / Bots?
  • Can Manage Calendars?
  • Can Manage Warning System?
  • Can Manage Moderator Tools?
Users & Groups: Edit Admin Permissions, Forums & Posts
  • Can Manage Forums?
  • Can Manage Forum Announcements
  • Can Moderate Posts, Threads, and Attachments?
  • Can Manage Attachments?
Users & Groups: Edit Admin Permissions, Users & Groups
  • Can Manage Users?
  • Can Manage User Groups?
  • Can Manage User Titles?
  • Can Manage User Bans?
  • Can Manage Admin Permissions?
  • Can Send Mass Mail?
  • Can Manage Group Promotions?
Users & Groups: Edit Admin Permissions, Templates & Style
  • Can Manage Themes?
  • Can Manage Templates?

Users & Groups: Edit Admin Permissions, Tools & Maintenance
  • Can Manage System Health?
  • Can Manage Cache?
  • Can Manage Scheduled Tasks?
  • Can Manage Backup Database?
  • Can Optimize Database?
  • Can Recount and Rebuild?
  • Can Manage Administrator Log?
  • Can Manage Moderator Log?
  • Can Manage User Mail Log?
  • Can Manage System Mail Log?
  • Can Manage User Warning Logs?
  • Can View PHP Info?
Users & Groups: User Permissions

User Permissions deal with the permissions for individual users. On the user permissions listing page, all users with administrative access are listed, along with their group, the type of Admin Permissions their account is currently using, and the time they were last active.

Users can be using:

Individual Permissions 
Specified just for this user
Group Permissions 
Specified for their user group - they must have no individual user permissions set
Default Permissions 
Specified for all administrators - they must have no individual user permissions set and no permissions set for the administrative user group they are a member of.

If a user does not have permissions set (they are either using group permissions or default permissions), you can either set individual permissions for them ("Set Permissions") or view Admin Logs for that user. If a user does have permissions set, you can edit their permissions, revoke their permissions (reverting them to either use group permissions, if set, or default permissions), or view Admin Logs for that user.

User permissions cannot be overridden.

Users & Groups: Group Permissions

Group Permissions are used if no user permissions are set for a user. On the Group Permissions listing page, all administrative user groups are listed, along with the type of permissions the group is using.

User groups can be using:

Custom Permissions 
Specified permissions for members of this group that do not have their own permissions set.
Default Permissions 
Specified permissions for all administrators that neither have individual permissions or group permissions set.

Group permissions can be overridden by User permissions.

Default Permissions are used when a user has no permissions set, nor does their administrative group have any permissions set. Default permissions can be overridden by both Group Permissions and User Permissions.

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