The 1.6 Documentation is no longer maintained and some information may be outdated.

The MyBB 1.6 series reached end of life on October 1, 2015.

This means there will be no more security or maintenance releases for these series and forums running these versions of MyBB may be at risk of unfixed security issues. All administrators are strongly encouraged to upgrade their forums to the latest release of MyBB as soon as possible.

Smilies are a type of "message filters," and replace symbols such as :) with a corresponding image of a smile. These can be added, modified, and/or removed in the Admin CP.

MyBB comes with several default smilies:

Code Explanation Example
 :lightbulb: Lightbulb Smilie lightbulb.gif
 :blush: Blush Smilie blush.gif
 :angry: Angry Smilie angry.gif
 :huh: Huh? Smilie huh.gif
 :-/ Undecided Smilie undecided.gif
 :my: My Smilie my.gif
(A) Angel Smilie angel.gif
 :sleepy: Sleepy Smilie sleepy.gif
 :heart: Heart Smilie heart.gif
 :exclamation: Exclamation Smilie exclamation.gif
 :dodgy: Dodgy Smilie dodgy.gif
 :S Confused Smilie confused.gif
 :) Smile Smilie smile.gif
 ;) Wink Smilie wink.gif
 :cool: Cool Smilie cool.gif
 :D Big Grin Smilie biggrin.gif
 :P Tongue Smilie tongue.gif
 :rolleyes: Roll eyes Smilie rolleyes.gif
 :shy: Shy Smilie shy.gif
 :( Sad Smilie sad.gif
 :at: At Smilie at.gif

The number of smilies that you can use in one post may be limited by your board administrator in the "Maximum Images Per Post" setting.

MyBB Features
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This is obviously not the complete feature list. See Features.

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