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Anonymous Statistics

During the installation or upgrade of your MyBB forum, you have the option to send anonymous statistics about your server back to us, so we can gather important information on our users. This is so we can see what the most common settings and setups are, and whether a planned feature would cause issues with a lot of users’ hosts, or may be completely incompatible.

Here’s what we’re collecting:

  • The version of PHP.

  • The version of MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite.

  • The version of the Iconv Library Extension.

  • Checks whether GD is installed, and what version is installed.

  • Checks if CGI mode is enabled.

  • Checks to see if URL fopen is enabled in php.ini

  • Checks if the dom, soap, xmlwriter and imagemagick classes are available.

  • Checks if the zendopt, xcache, eaccelerator, ioncube, PDO, pdo_mysql, pdo_pgsql, pdo_sqlite, pdo_oci, and pdo_odbc extensions are available.

  • Checks the zlib, mbstring, exif and zlib information.

  • Checks if the sockets, mcrypt, simplexml, ldap, msqli, imap, ftp, pspell, apc, curl and iconv functions are available.

  • Checks the post_max_size, upload_max_filesize and safe_mode values from php.ini

  • Checks who you are hosted with via

  • Records your user agent

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