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Broken Styles

Fixes for when the styles are not working on your forum or your Admin CP.

Forum Front-End

Problems with loading web resources, like stylesheets and images, may make the site to look visually broken:

Broken installation

This may be accompanied by more detailed errors displayed in the browser’s Console.

The problem is usually caused by an incorrect value of the Board URL setting (Configuration → Site Details in the Admin CP).

Make sure that the setting contains the right URL, and is in the correct format (e.g. — contains the scheme, domain, path if such exists, and does not include a slash / at the end).

Common problems to look for are:

  • incorrect scheme (e.g. http:// when the forum is accessed using https://),
  • incorrect domain,
  • missing subdomain (e.g. when the forum was installed on, the subdomain must be included),
  • missing or incorrect path (e.g. when the forum was installed on, the directory must be included),
  • incorrectly included trailing slash (there should be no / character at the end).

Admin CP

If it is only your Admin CP that looks broken, and you have changed the directory name for it (from admin/ to something else), you should also apply the change in the Configuration File.

To fix this, edit the inc/config.php file and find the $config['admin_dir'] line and change the value to the directory name of the admin directory:

$config['admin_dir'] = 'admin';

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