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Templates are HTML snippets that make up the layout of your board, which are stored in the database. Templates are a very important part of your forum’s style.

Usually each theme has its own templates, but multiple themes can use the same template set too. Every template set contains all of the templates that make up your forum’s layout.

Templates are located at your Admin Control Panel -> Templates & Style -> Templates.

Global & Themes Templates

There have 2 types of templates: global templates, which are used by all themes and theme templates (they are named <theme name> Templates).

Global Templates

Global templates are used in all styles. They are usually templates added by plugins or similar.

Themes Templates

These templates are used by themes at your forum. Usually, every each theme has its own templates, as they can be changed for each theme.

Managing Templates

When you click <theme name> Templates or Default templates, you will get a list of all template sets (or template groups). Here you can expand sets and find template files when you click on a template group name, or Expand right to it.

Template Groups

There are a few templates in each template set.

Template sets and their purpose can be figured out when you see a template, but here’s a brief explanation of each group:

Annoucement Templates

Templates for viewing annoucements and editing them

Calendar Templates

Templates used by the calendar. Templates for view calendar, adding events, calendar moderation options, calendar jump options, and other calendar options.

Edit Post Templates

Templates for edit post page, delete post, disable smilies, reason of edit.

Error Message Templates

Error pages (no permission page, attachment error…)

Footer templates and footer links like contact us, dropdowns at bottom such as theme or language select

Forum Bit Templates

Templates for display forums at forums page. From status icon, forum name, description, moderators, thread and post count, last post…

Forum Display Templates

Everything that you see in forums, including announcements, threads, new threads, thread sort order, forum passwords, rules, search forum, thread list, thread rating, subforums, forum inline moderation tools, sticky threads, thread icons…

Forum Jump Templates

Forum jump dropdown wich can be found on many pages of your site.

Global templates

Templates applied at all pages such as warnings, moderation notices, join requests, new PMs, alerts.

Header Templates

Templates used by the whole header, visible at all pages: logo, PM link, quick search, header links for portal, member list etc. And the “welcome block” (“Welcome back, Bob!”, User CP…)

Index Page Templates

Things shown on index page like statistics, who is online, and birthdays.

Manage Group Templates

Template for managing groups, adding users, leaders, join requests, removing users…

Member List Templates

Templates for the member list

Member templates

These templates are used for user profile, registration, password reset page, COPPA form, contact, other fields, moderation at user profile and warning.

Miscellaneous Templates

Templates for buddy popup, help section, search, smileys and it’s popup, syndication and who posted.

Moderation Templates

For inline and standard moderation options used in forum like split, merge, deleting, delayed moderation, thread notes…

Moderation Control Panel Templates

Templates for whole modcp and all options in it.

Multiple Pagination Templates

The links used throughout to navigate through listings with more than one page of results.

The navigation bar telling you where in the forum you are (for instance, “Your Forums / User Control Panel”). This is also the breadcrumb.

New Reply Templates

Templates for new reply in threads and preview of thread while writing new reply.

New Thread Templates

Templates for creating a new thread and posting a poll.

Poll Templates

Templates for making and editing a poll and its options

Portal Templates

Templates for your portal (<your site url>/portal.php).

Post Bit Templates

Templates for individual posts, for showing users’ profiles in them, attachments, thumbnails, reply, warn…

Post Icon Templates

Templates for post icon when writing a reply or opening a new thread

Post Templates

Templates for attachments, captcha, save as draft while posting.

Templates for the printer-friendly thread view

Private Messaging Templates

Templates for private messaging - for search, PM folders and their editing, writing PMs and sending them, PM tracking, and other things related to PMs.

Report Templates

Templates for reporting (messages, threads…).

Reputation Templates

Templates for the reputation system: giving reputation, reasons, deleting, reporting them…

Search Templates

Templates for search, showing search results and moderating them.

Send Thread Templates

Templates for the “Send Thread to a Friend” function.

Show Forum Team Templates

Templates for showing the forum team: forum moderators, what forums they moderate, groups they are in, etc…

Show Thread Templates

Template for viewing a thread, poll for it (adding poll, deleting, results, edit), moderating thread (inline moderation), similar threads, view notes, users browsing.

Smilie Inserter Templates

The inserter for smilies on the post pages.

Statistic Templates

Templates for the forum statistics page

User Control Panel Templates

Templates for the User CP and all functions in it.

Video MyCode Templates

Templates for adding video via MyCode to post via YouTube, Facebook etc.

Warning System Templates

Templates for forum warning system - for warning users, revoke warnings…

Who’s Online Templates

Templates for online users now and who is online today.

XMLHTTP Templates

Templates for the AJAX features on your forum (buddy select and inline posting).

Ungrouped Templates

Other miscellaneous templates that do not need a group, as well as your own custom templates.

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