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Security Workflow

Security workflow

If the report is rejected at any point, the workflow skips to Final Feedback.

  1. Submission

    • Team members handling security issues and team leaders are required to have available and accessible public keys.
    • No initial reports should be transmitted over unencrypted or insecure channels.
  2. Report Handling

    1. Confidentiality Assurance

      If the report is located in a publicly accessible location, a Team member attempts to soft delete it (if possible, e.g. on the Community Forums) or contact the author (or other party that might help removing it temporarily).

    2. Alerting Team Members

      A Team member alerts the Team (preferably on internal Discord #staff-security channel) and provides links and/or information.

    3. Acknowledgement

      If applicable, a Team member response to the author that their report has been acknowledged and is being processed.

  3. Internal Processing

    1. Internal report created

      A [Vulnerability Report]-prefixed staff-only thread is created in the Development → 1.8 section.

    2. Triage and Analysis

      The vulnerability is being assessed by team members handling security issues: a Low/Medium/High Risk is assigned and details related to causes, impact and possible solutions are attached. The thread is added to the Getting * Ready list for the upcoming version.

    3. Technical Assessment Feedback

      If applicable, a Team member informs the reporter whether their submission is confirmed, invalid, or no fix is expected.

    4. Countermeasures implementation

      1. The development team and security team members prepare and implement measures (including code patches in git diff format, advisories and third party cooperation) that will eliminate or mitigate affected environments and prevent related threats in the future. Once an acceptable solution is provided, a [fix] link is added to the Getting * Ready thread.
      2. Prepared countermeasures are being verified internally.
    5. Consultation

      If applicable, Team members cooperate with the reporter to arrive with the best solution possible. During and after the solution development the patch details may be forwarded to the reporter to verify that all vulnerabilities have been properly addressed.

  4. Releasing

    1. QA packages verification

      Team members handling security issues verify that the release candidate QA packages contain valid countermeasures.

    2. Release

      The final QA packages are published.

    3. Documentation

      The vulnerability information and attribution details are verified following the release.

  5. Final Feedback

    If applicable, a team member responds to the original reporter providing status and details of the issue.

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