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User Titles

About User Titles

User titles is text that is displayed under the username in posts, threads, profile and on the member list. Each group has its own default user title which is shown if a user doesn’t use a custom user title.

How to set Default User Titles

You can set them to be default for one group or to be changed with number of posts a user has made.

Set User Titles According to the Group

At Admin Control Panel -> Users & Groups -> Groups -> <usergroup name> You can give a default user title for that group.

Just fill out the Default User Title field.

Set User Titles According to the Number of Users Posts

The “Registered” group by default has this option.

If you want to use that option, leave Default User Title field in group settings blank.

You can specify the user title name, minimum number of posts, number of stars and the amount of stars at Admin Control Panel -> Users & Groups -> User Titles.

When adding or editing them, you have 4 options: Title to assign, Minimum amount of posts, Number of Stars, and Star image.

Title to Assign field

Here you can write the text that you wish to be shown as the custom User Title.

Minimum Posts

Here you can write the minimum number of posts required before the user will be assigned a Custom User Title.

Number of Stars

Here you can specify the number of stars which will be shown under the user title. If you don’t want stars you can type 0 into this field.

Star image

Here you can set the star image for this User Title.

Edit Custom User Title for Specific User

Edit Your Own User Title Through the User CP

You can easily edit your user title through your profile by going to User CP -> Edit profile. At the right side of it, you have Custom User Title field. Just input your new user title and click save.

Edit Custom User Title Through the Mod CP

This can be done through the Moderator Control Panel as well. By going to user profile and clicking at Edit this user in Mod CP on exactly same way.

Edit Custom User Title Through Admin CP

This can also be edited for a specific user through Admin Control Panel. When you visit a user profile, click Edit this user in Admin CP, and then select the Profile tab. Or you can visit Admin CP -> Users & Groups -> Users. Click on the user that you wish to edit and then navigate to the Profile tab.

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