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Using Two-Factor Authentication with MyBB

Authenticator Apps

The following apps can be used as Two-Factor Authentication Apps. Note that this list is incomplete and that more apps exist for different operating systems.

Android iOS Windows Phone
Google Authenticator Get Google Authenticator on Google Play Download on the App Store -
Authy Get Authy on Google Play Download on the App Store -
Microsoft Authenticator - - Windows Store

Setup and Configuration

  1. Log into the MyBB Admin Control Panel, then navigate to the Preferences page of the Home tab.
  2. An option, titled Two-Factor Authentication will be available. Check the box.
  3. Click Save Personal Notes & Preferences.
  4. A QR code will be presented to you when the page reloads. Scan that QR code with your authenticator app, and then the required setup is complete.

If you lose your device or authenticator app, make sure to save your backup codes in a safe place. They can be used if you no longer have the authenticator app for any reason. Note that the codes are regenerated every time the backup codes page is viewed, so you can only view them once. Viewing the page again will invalidate all old codes and generate a new set. As a result, it is strongly recommended to keep your backup codes in a safe place!

NOTE: This feature is only available to administrators’ accounts via the admin cp. However, it is planned to extend this feature to others users with MyBB 2.0.


  • Verify that the server and authenticator device are in the same timezone. The codes are dependent upon time, within a 30 second time span.

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