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The 1.6 Documentation is no longer maintained and some information may be outdated.

The MyBB 1.6 series reached end of life on October 1, 2015.

This means there will be no more security or maintenance releases for these series and forums running these versions of MyBB may be at risk of unfixed security issues. All administrators are strongly encouraged to upgrade their forums to the latest release of MyBB as soon as possible.

This page has no bias towards free or paid resources, or non FOSS resources. It simply exists for the plain and pure reason to help users find more ways to enrich their MyBB experience. Please only list MyBB oriented websites.


This area is for MyBB modifications such as plugins or code edits. The sites will list in alphabetical order. It will list a subscription price, if it is paid. It will also list if the site is free.

"This board is about addons for MyBB. We offer 5 huge addons like the download system, gallery, lyrics, blog and more. All addons are here for promotion reasons. We do also offer more then 20 exclusive themes, 40 exclusive plugins (for example the advertisement suite), high quality template edits, and over 30 exclusive MyCodes."

Free or Paid: Both

Subscription Price:€9

Subscription Length:1 Year

"I really want to thank the overall MyBB Community. While I know that some will be against the move for a paid subscription for downloads I feel the fee is extremely low. Given the amount of excellent plugins and themes available that are now exclusively available at Mybb Central I think you get a great bargain. Support is top notch here at Mybb Central. I am available to help in all types of situations. I will continue to release MYBB plugins and themes. Unless you are subscriber you will not have access to them. "

Free or Paid: Both

Subscription Cost:$10

Subscription Length:Life Time

"We have a biggest collection of MyBB Plugins here on net. We have currently 170+ MyBB Plugins, 80 + MyBB 1.4.x Compatible MyCodes and 16 + MyBB 1.4.x Themes (Some are still under construction...) Thus, we provide you a largest MyBB Stuffs on net. Stay with us, you will find out some more to come.."

Free or Paid: Both

Subscription Cost:$10

Subscription Length:1 Yr / 5Yr for $20

"No blurb available"

Paid or Free: Free

"No blurb available"

Paid for Free: Both,

Subscription Cost:$5

Subscription Length: Unknown.

We are a third party MyBB website which focuses on providing the community with some of the best MyBB plugins. Besides offering free support to some of our pluigns (NewPoints and its sub-plugins) we also offer support for all of our plugins to our paid subscribers as well as generic MyBB support.

Subscription fee: $7/year or $20/lifetime. Subscription plans can be found here.

Subscribing is NOT required if you only want to get support for NewPoints and its sub-plugins.

MyBB Security is a third party MyBB support forum and plugin site based around forum security and anti spam. We also provide one to one MyBB support. MyBB support is provided to those who's websites comply with the MyBB Support Eligibility Policy.

Paid or free: Free (Requires registration)

No blurb available

Paid or free: Paid and Free with forum currency "MyBux"

Subscription Cost:$5

Subscription Length:1 Yr

I'm thankful to the MyBB Community for encouraging new developers and plugin coders for their software. has been started to release top class plugins for the MyBB forum software users to enhance their MyBB community. Features of plugins are unique, ideas are new and community is excellent. People from around the globe visits regularly and request their ideas for plugins. I take a quick look on their request and glad to code their requests as soon as possible. I've both Free and Paid plugins (For Free plugins you need to make a single comment on release thread) accessible without restrictions to Premium Subscribers. Subscription is cheep and you'll have some best plugins on that price. We've currently two cheap rates of subscription, Silver and Golden. There is not much we are charging for 100's of MyBB Plugins and Featured Products, and its worth off.
View Both Plans:

Paid or Free: Both

Subscription Cost: $5 and 10$

Subscription Length: 1 Year

Audentio Design specializes in high quality MyBB themes as well as vBulletin skins, IP.Board design, and much more. We also do CMS based software such as Wordpress and Joomla. We have free, premium, and custom themes available.

Free or Paid: Free, Paid, and Premium.

Dynaxel Design serves as a MyBB theme development website, you can download our high quality, free MyBB themes or purchase our specialty premium themes. We also offer a custom theming service, if you are in need of a custom theme for your MyBB powered forum you can contact us through the community forums if you are interested!

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