Getting Involved

The MyBB Group encourages community members to participate with the development of MyBB and its related projects. By participating and contributing directly to MyBB, you are helping a community of hundreds of thousands of users. Read more about getting involved on the MyBB website

GitHub Access

MyBB provides public access to its projects and repositories via GitHub. This access allows you to view the latest and greatest, cutting-edge code and test new features and bug fixes Read more about GitHub Access ».

Becoming a Developer

The MyBB Development Team welcomes new developers every few months in order to keep up with the rising demand of development. To apply, visit this page.

The following page demonstrates what we expect of our developers, as well as installing, setting up, and successfully working in a MyBB development environment. Read the Information for New Developers document ».

Versions »

For more information regarding MyBB version numbers, please see Versions ».

MyBB 2.0

MyBB 2.0 is the next major version of MyBB. It is complete rewrite and is currently in early planning stages. Continue checking the MyBB Development Blog and the developers' blogs for future details, hints, and previews. You may find a more detailed page here: MyBB 2.0.

MyBB 1.8

MyBB 1.8 is the next minor version of MyBB. Although not a major rewrite, 1.8 will replace the Prototype JavaScript library with jQuery. It is currently in early development and can be accessed via the Feature branch in MyBB's main repository. More information can be found here: MyBB 1.8.

MyBB 1.6

Currently, work is being done on fixing the reported bugs in MyBB 1.6.x.

MyBB Merge System

The MyBB Development Team maintains the centralized import/converter system for users to easily convert from another bulletin board software to MyBB. See Merge System for more information.

Development Standards

MyBB is developed following a set of strict standards to ensure only quality code is included in each MyBB release. These development standards are publicly viewable in order to encourage plugin and modification developers to follow the standards when developing plugins and modifications. Read the Development Standards »

Other Notes

PHP Compatibility

After February 2008, all versions of MyBB starting from the major version release after 1.4.0 will not have PHP 4 support any longer. That is, the MyBB 1.4.x series was the last series to have PHP 4 support.

The PHP Group has discontinued maintaining PHP 4 since December 31, 2007. Also PHP 5 has been released 3.5 years ago (at time of writing) and has many improvements over PHP 4 which the MyBB Group wants to take advantage of without having to write backwards-compatible code.

If your web host is still using PHP 4, we encourage you to urge your host to upgrade to PHP 5.

MyBB 1.6 is the first version of MyBB to only support PHP 5.